Do you struggle with confidence when wearing a business dress? Do you wake up staring at your wardrobe every morning trying to decide what to wear? Do you hate the fact you have to put on a body shaper under your dress just to make you feel that little bit more confident? Do you put on 2 - 3 dresses before putting on your make up only to change the dress again because you didn’t like how it fitted? Do you often find yourself sucking in your stomach when you are walking around? Do you wear floaty tops a lot now to cover your stomach?


You’re the type of woman who has always worked extremely hard at everything you do. You have managed to excel in your career, raise awesome kids, turn a house into a beautiful home and you have amazing friends and family.

You have achieved a huge amount.
However, there is one thing you have not been good at; Looking after yourself!  You have been so busy working on achieving the best for everyone around you that you totally forgot about you.

  • Every day you get to wake up to a career you love but you dread getting ready because you are limited to the style of dress you can wear and you only wear dark colours as bright colours would make you stand out and be seen.

  • You have finally made it with your career goals – but you haven’t hit your fat loss goals.

  • You feel powerful and in control with most things in your life – but you feel powerless and out of control with managing your weight.

  • You succeed at almost everything you do – but fail with every diet you try.

Over the years you have noticed your weight increasing, your energy levels decreasing and it’s starting to affect your health. When you should feel most confident you feel most vulnerable because you can’t even do business presentations, interviews, sales pitches with a prospective client without having anxiety about feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed in your dress.

You are worried because the older you get the harder it seems to be to lose weight. You want to finally get your weight and health back in check. You want to take back control of your life.

You know you need to make a change. You know you need to take action. You know you need expert help.

Believe it or not, I feel your pain. One of my biggest insecurities used to be I how I looked in clothes. It's crazy to think how a T-shirt can stop you from wanting to go out.


Here's What Your Life Is About To Look Like.

You will have more choice of styles and colours of dresses to wear.
You will walk around with complete confidence in your business dress.
You will have complete control over your weight.
You will no longer need to diet ever again.


Even if you believe my program actually works, there is still a doubt of
“but will it work for me “.

I absolutely understand. I have wasted ££££ on supplements, diets and gym memberships. And the only way you will know is if you sign up and try it.


Client Testimonials

I was in a bad place when I started training with Steve, but its no exaggeration to say that he has TOTALLY changed my life. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, have lovely muscular arms and legs, and feel more in control of my nutrition than ever before. Like almost everyone else, I found it easier to lose weight/shape up at the beginning of my journey; the really hard part is sustaining it, and Steve has been encouraging and supportive every step of the way - without being judgemental when I’ve had bad weeks, talking to me like an adult, and giving me strategies to cope when I feel out of control around food.

Sue Spreag

Steve is my hero - he really genuinely cares about YOU and the differences all his clients have there is no one size fits all approach - I simply wouldn’t have anyone else take this journey with me - thank you for your patience kindness and support Steve

Marie Harte

I’ve been working with Steveo for several weeks now and my transformation is phenomenal, not just physically but mentally too. I have never had such good sustainable results with any other diets like slimming world etc.
He is passionate about what does for a living and that makes him passionate about you, and your goals. Steveo is always there ready to answer any questions and always has the answer (don’t you hate it when men know it all?) I’ve met many a PT who are only interested in themselves and this couldn’t be further from the truth with Steveo

Terri Blackler



A 90-day coaching program that takes out all the confusion around nutrition and teaches you exactly what you need to do to not just successfully lose fat, but how to manage your progress for the long run.

Say goodbye to your old boring dresses and say hello to a whole new wardrobe.






You won’t need to wait 24 hours for an email response to your questions. I will respond to your questions on the same day, so you are not left hanging for an answer.



I will check in on you throughout the week because chances are you will be busy and get side-tracked. I will be there to make sure you are doing ok and staying on track.



This is where we look at your overall week in detail and we assess your measurements to make sure we are going in the right direction and if not I set you a plan of action to get you back on track.



1-hour calls where we go over everything in detail and making sure you are happy with everything.



My simple step by step method that that takes out all the BS and the fluff that’s out there and teaches you what actually works and gets you amazing results.


Total value is £1108

Your investment today is only £598





As soon as you click on the book a call tab, it will take you to my calendar where you can pick a time and day that best suits you. Once you have done that it will ask you to fill out a quick application form where I can learn a little more about you before our call. When we do jump on a call, we will have a quick chat to get to know each other a little and make sure we are a good fit for each other.



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Am I guaranteed results?

If you follow my method and take action on my advice you will 100% get results.
You must understand it will involve you making changes because whatever you are doing now isn't working.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely yes. If for whatever reason you don’t get any results after following my advice and process, I will give you every penny back, no questions asked.

Do I have to count calories

My method will involve counting calories for at least the duration of the program. It is by far the most effective way of tracking food and it gives me the data I need to make sure you achieve the absolute best results.

Do you offer personalised training plans?

I don’t do personalised training plans because in my experience you don't need one, however, I can advise you on training to make sure you are doing the right thing to optimise your results. If you feel you would like a training plan then we can discuss this however it will be an additional charge.


I want nothing more than to help you get your confidence back.

I can never get back the years where an article of clothing dictated if I was comfortable to go out or not.
I don't want the same to happen to you.


As well as being a lovely and funny bloke, I found Coach Steveo to be 100% supportive and encouraging. He is very knowledgable and I have learnt alot. He has helped me reset my mindset about myself. THIS IS MASSIVE!! He has had his own body confidence journey which helps him to empathise with how you feel and how you can lose fat and start to feel good about yourself again. No judgement. As well as losing weight and inches, Steveo helped me learn to enjoy tracking through the control and benefits it brings to me. He did this step by step as it often overwhelmed me and I just stopped trying. Ive learnt how to be so much kinder to myself, not compare myself to others and to concentrate on daily/weekly wins. I have continued to track though some days I dont need to, which is an aim for me. This method is sustainable and I feel very lucky that I came across Steveo when I did. I had convinced myself that I was happy where I was but actually I had given up as I just thought I couldnt do it.....again and continue to maintain. With a mission statement/goal in mind, Steveo being accountable for you with check ins and advice you can achieve!! If you dont have faith in your
self right now put your believe in him and he will see you right. I highly recommend Steveo. Thank you so much xx

Lisa Marie Prior


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