Client Testimonials

I have been working with Steve for almost 2 years, what this guy doesn’t know about women’s fitness and nutrition isn’t worth knowing, he’s honest, kind, patient, funny, and loveable. I have lost weight, lost inches and gained confidence and strength. Steve isn’t like any other coach out there because he genuinely cares that you get the results you want.

Michelle Toor

Steve is so knowledgable with all information needed for women to start and succeed with their fat loss goals, he always has an answer to any questions asked relating to your journey as everyone is different and somethings may work for you and not others, so it’s nice to have Steve to help and guide you with a plan for YOU and not the same for all his clients.

Zoe Angela

Stevo is the man you never knew you needed in your life!!

He knows our limits and when we're just trying to pull a 'fast one'. 11 months in and I'm still loving the new stronger, fitter me and it's all down to Stevo.

Susan Bruce

Steve is not like any other coach I’ve had before and the big difference is, is that he truly cares about his clients and the progress they make. He is so knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition, and he also knows a lot about hormones and how they impact a woman’s fitness journey. Steve will always push you hard to achieve your goals but he also makes it fun along the way. He truly is a great guy who helps people like me achieve goals that seem so hard to reach.

Nikki Usher

Having worked with other PT’s in the past and not being overly impressed, I was a bit apprehensive, but Steve certainly changed all that!
Not only is his knowledge super impressive, but his commitment to get to know his clients in order to create a more tailored plan is what sets him above the rest.
He takes all factors of life into consideration when setting goals, which I found kept it realistic and so much more sustainable long term.
If you’re willing to give it 100% he’ll be right by your side giving 110%
Can’t recommend him enough!!

Sarah Bohane

This guy knows what he is doing! Only coaches women so is well aware of the ups and downs of our lives. Highly recommended.

Linda Brown

Well what can I say..
Steve is an amazing coach. If you want someone who is motivational, knowledgeable, encouraging with a bit of crazy thrown in, then Steve is your man. Steve has helped me so much. Always there at the end of a txt, email or call. You just can’t get rid of him 😂..
I highly recommend Steve. Best decision I made was to become one of his posse.
His dancing and jokes are questionable though.

Reen She

What a genuinely supportive guy who knows what he’s talking about. I’m not saying it’s easy however Steve honestly puts things into perspective for you and can help you see your goals through a different point of view, making them super realistic for you. I really enjoyed training with Steve and highly recommend 🥰

Shannon Hartley

Always chat to Steve in the gym and always found him knowledgeable - He made sense when it came to nutrition! I fell back into old habits and was struggling to get myself back on track! Life just takes over sometimes!! I always track my food, and I pretty much ate what I wanted because I counted it!!🙈I asked for Steve’s help because I need someone that will not judge me but hold me accountable for my actions and I needed to get back on track and into a routine that I could manage but sustain! So I joined his 12 week programme!
I’m half way on my journey and the results I have seen are AMAZING! 6 inches from my waist and hips alone! 11lb in Weight! Certainly feeling a lot happier in myself and feel so much better with the foods I am eating! Everything is done at your own pace and Steve is only a message away if you need anything!
I have recommended Steve to Many of my friends, adding them into his fat loss group and they have also benefitted from him!
Let’s see where I am in 6 weeks!!! 😬

Rachel Owen

Hugely motivating and hugely knowledgeable. As much as weight loss (efforts) can be made fun this guy does it with kindness, honesty, integrity and energy can't recommend him enough

Clare Borras

I’ve never been great at sticking to the plan when I’ve tried any diet in the past. Exercise has always been a struggle as well.
I’ve worked with Steve since October 2018 and the approach to “diet” has been so simple and easy to adapt to a busy life. Exercise has actually been fun but also challenging.
I set a couple of main goals - be able to buy clothes from the normal section of a store rather than plus. I’ve dropped from a size 20/22 to 14/16 !!
I also wanted to be able to be an active grandparent - a can now run up and down the room with a 3 year old on my back .... and I can still talk at the same time!!
I like the banter that Steve and I have - but I also know that if I need any advice or if I get stuck in a rut he will always listen and give advice to get me back on track.

Tracey Kelly

Steve is a great coach after winning 3 weeks online coaching he helped me massively! The process is so easy to set up with Steve guiding you all the way and breaking it down into really easy sections. He is so supportive and motivating but in such a manner that it's like talking to friends! I would 100% recommend Steve 🌟

Rachel Brookman

Highly recommend Stevio! Was added to a group by a friend and was fortunate enough to work with him for 3 weeks! A keen runner and gym goer, so exercise was not the issue! I love food! Stevio has been able to help me manage my food better, helping me understand what fuels my body, especially after my long runs! I valued his expertise and he was always on hand if I needed him, just to ask a question or for general support! Whilst I will never be one to weigh and measure myself and track what I eat, Stevio has helped me look at the food I eat, so I can make better choices! I definitely feel better within myself and would feel happy to contact Stevio again in the future! Thanks Stevio for your ongoing help and support!

Tanya Scutt

I've been a client of Steve's for some time now and haven't doubted for one second that I'd made the right decision becoming one of his clan 🤣
Motivating, encouraging and knowledgeable (with the occasional bit of dodgy dancing thrown in for good measure) - all you need in a trainer.

Ashleigh Angell

I’ve been working with Steveo for several weeks now and my transformation is phenomenal, not just physically but mentally too.I have never had such good sustainable results with any other diets like slimming world etc.
He is passionate about what does for a living and that makes him passionate about you, and your goals. Steveo is always there ready to answer any questions and always has the answer (don’t you hate it when men know it all?) I’ve met many a PT who are only interested in themselves and this couldn’t be further from the truth with Steveo, he’s enthusiastic, fun to work with, and slightly crazy, he will push you to perform your best and beyond. 1000% recommend Steveo what he doesn’t know about women’s health and fat loss you can write on the back of stamp!

Terri Blackler

Steve is massively motivating at 6 in the morning encourages you to push you to your best potential, when you are struggling at times when life ect gets in the way of gym and eating healthy he helps you get back on track and works you towards your goals. Thanks Steve 😃

Kauren Hudson

I started with Steve just over a year ago, I was nervous, unsure, unfit and unhealthy. Steve worked with me, pushed me, motivated me and helped me understand alot about fitness and nutrition. Since working with Steve I have lost 6 dress sizes and maintained the loss.
it has been hard work, some tears and a lot of sweat. anything worth achieving should not come easy. however even when it was hard and I felt defeated Steve was there encouraging me, advising me, looking at mixing up nutrition or training.

If you want to work with a PT who is knowledgeable, motivating but also a little crazy and lots of fun Steve is your guy.

Helga Butler

Steve’s help and support over the last few weeks has been invaluable and made the beginning of this journey much easier for me. He has never judged me food or exercise choices but has always pointed out the positive steps/changes I’ve taken. He has offered encouragement, support and suggestions to help me make informed decisions and focused on areas I need more help with. I can’t recommend Steve enough, his friendly approach and regular check-ins have definitely given me more focus and motivation. He is always on hand to help and offer advice and make sure I find a way forward that works for me. I would recommend Steve to anyone starting a similar journey.

Sonya Robertson

I was very lucky and grateful to be chosen by Steve as a Winner for a 3 week trial of his online PT services.
If you are ready to invest in your health and well being, then this is what you will be paying for with someone who will support and guide you every step of the way!!
Steve has a great app that it is easy to use and follow, he has been able to meet my needs and limitations due to recovering from spinal surgery. I was impressed with knowledge, guidance and to not push me past where I could safely go.
I had already been using My Fitness Pal to calorie count since the start of September, but Steve has helped me to start looking at the macros and setting me targets so that I can start thinking about what I put in my mouth!! He also gets you to realise that your weight loss journey isn't just about the scale and there are so many contributing factors!!
I have loved have daily reminders on the app after discussing with Steve, that I am better if I food prep and I am organised! So now every night I get a 2100 reminder to check in and say if I have prepped. These little things are habit forming and are really useful for me.
Finally the group is a great way to start speaking to others but also to reach out when you are having a bad day and you just want to communicate with like minded people. It is a safe environment to not feel judged, but to feel supported!
Good Luck to anyone who takes on this journey, you don't need it as you have Steve; but who doesn't like some extra luck xx

Jessica Clair

I started my fitness journey with Steve over three years ago and have had continuous support in person and over the phone. Even as I’ve now moved on with my journey Steve has helped me make a life long change and commitment to nutrition and fitness and see them as a team. You can’t out train a bad diet is one of the main things Steve has taught me leaving me with a healthier relationship with diet and fitness. I would never have made it through the bad times and kept motivation without Steve’s endless support of my journey. I will always be grateful as he broke my bad habit of only relying on fitness as a quick fix rather than a lifestyle change. Massive thank you Steve 💪👊

Jody Griffin

I spent almost a year being coach by Steve and loved every minute of it. Steve is knowledgeable, supportive and very encouraging, always pushing you to do your best. The workouts were hard but Steve made them so much fun.
Highly recommend him.

Jackie Blackwell

If you want a lovely, kind, friendly, funny, slightly crazy, motivational trainer, who will push you to your limits, but definitely get you results. Look no further!!
I can’t thank Steveo enough for the help he has given me and continues to give me.
All round great guy and top PT 💪🤩🤘👊

Laura Shimell

I was in a bad place when I started training with Steve, but its no exaggeration to say that he has TOTALLY changed my life. I’m fitter than I’ve ever been, have lovely muscular arms and legs, and feel more in control of my nutrition than ever before. Like almost everyone else, I found it easier to lose weight/shape up at the beginning of my journey; the really hard part is sustaining it, and Steve has been encouraging and supportive every step of the way - without being judgemental when I’ve had bad weeks, talking to me like an adult, and giving me strategies to cope when I feel out of control around food. With him you don’t always realise how hard you’re working out, it just seems like good fun, and I enjoy it so much I even get up before 6am to train now!

Sue Spreag

I’ve been working with Steve over a year now and I can honestly say I really look forward to my gym sessions as he keeps them varied, interesting and fun!!! Now I didn’t think I would say that about going to the gym - 100% recommend him - you won’t regret it...

Debbie Jones

Steve is just awesome as a coach and I have no hesitation in recommending him. He is attentive, considerate but also pushes you and makes you want to work harder to achieve your goals. Steve never lets you feel like you’ve let yourself down and is always there to give that boost. If you’re looking for PT or coaching he’s one of the best out there...

Caroline Hughes-Miles

I’ve never done gym work not knowing how to do it properly and safely and would give up easily. Steve changed all this. He instructs motivates and cajoles and encourages improvements and reaching that little bit higher. He knows when he’s done it right when I swear (which I don’t do normally)! Luv u Steve x

Sue Callen


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